Ari Borger is the main Blues-Jazz&Soul pianist and organist in Brazil. Influenced by his American mother, he grew up listening to the Blues and Jazz masters.He fell in love with piano when he was nine years old, starting his studies with classical music. At sixteen he was already touring all around his county playing at the most important festivals.

Ari lived in New Orleans and there he performed at the most popular places, such as House of Blues and Tipitina’s. In Brazil he played at the biggest blues and jazz festivals, sharing evenings with B.B. King, Pinetop Perkins, Marcus Miller and Johnnie Johnson. A dip in the roots of the Blues, Boogie Woogie and Soul is presented in his show through a sound flawless, dosing feeling and virtuosity.

Borger is the pioneer of the genre in his country, his music achieves something very difficult, ring true and authentic, without “decorate” lines when improvising, sometimes sounding sweet, and incendiary in others.
In 2011 and 2013 he played at the biggest and most important piano blues stage in USA, the
Hall of Fame Boogie Woogie Stage, at the Cincy Blues Fest, together with the most prestige players in the world.

He also toured with his group to several countries in Europe, like Austria, Hungary, Slovênia, Romênia and Croatia. Recorded and played with the West Coast Blues genius Junior Watson, Sax Gordon, Mud Morganfield Jr, Linwood Slim and many others blues legends. He has released seven álbuns, with great and enthusiastic complements by specialized critics. Borger sounds modern and vintage at the same time, authentic and full of personality, this is Ari Borger, Listen and fell it!!!

Listen to the new álbum Rock’N’Jazz !

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“I will read about you and your name will be in lights”

Johnnie Johnson

“Great feeling and Swing"

Pinetop Perkins

“Burning B3 Organ, AB4 is prime stuff !!”

Blues Revue Magazine (USA)

“Excellent instrumental album, highly recommended”

Blues Matters Magazine (UK)

“One of the best piano and B3 organ players I ever heard"

Real Blues Magazine – (Canada)

“AB4 is so good that it could easily be one of the highlights of the legendary Blue Note Records. Absolutely hot disc!”

Przemek Draheim – Poland Jazz magazine